What scientists hope to learn from the eclipse

The Eclipse of the Century may also turn into the Science Experiments of the Century. For years, scientists have been planning the studies, experiments and observations that will finally be underway on Monday. They’ve had to travel to their chosen spots within the path of totality and test new instruments so everything is ready for the big day.

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Vintage photos of the Beatles

It was on their first ever world tour in 1964 that the Beatles fame was catapulted from England’s national sweethearts to global superstars. Stories of fans fainting and wetting themselves were a daily occurrence, police cordons couldn’t control the throbbing crowds awaiting the Fab Four at each venue and the band was successfully cracking the notoriously difficult American music scene.

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A 10-step guide for Trump aides on how to deal with the media

White House chief strategist Steve Bannon gave an unusually, um, frank interview to the editor of the liberal American Prospect magazine this week in which he boasted of “fighting” with other top Trump administration aides “every day” and acknowledged that there was no military solution to the North Korea morass — among many, many other things.

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