Opinion: Rudy Giuliani lectures another country on ethics

It is bad enough that the President of the United States is breaking long-standing ethical standards in US government, but when President Donald Trump’s attorney, Rudy Giuliani, stepped into the contentious battle over corruption in another country, Romania, he embarrassed the United States by speaking out against clean government; he made the uphill battle for democracy advocates in Romania even steeper; and he muddied US foreign policy, taking a stand directly contrary to that of the US State Department.

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Analysis: A week in Washington not about Trump (sort of)

President Donald Trump is a scene eater. From the moment he emerged on the political scene in June 2015, it was hard to take your eyes off him. He said things and acted in ways that no politician — certainly not one running for president — ever dared to.┬áHe was — and is — incredibly watchable.

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